Saturday, September 5, 2009

You Know You Are Getting Old When....

You know you are getting old when the child of the house is out for the night and you have the opportunity to stay up all night and party and sleep really late the next morning and you can't make it. After only a couple of relaxing drinks, kicking back, you then fall asleep on the lounge in front of the TV, drag yourself into bed and then are wake at 7am. So much for an exciting life.

We used to stay up half the night, often till the wee hours, socialising with friends, playing games, whatever and going home about 4am, just because we could. These days, 10.30pm is a late night and 7.30am is a sleep-in, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

And it is not just me, my partner in crime and life is no different and probably worse, and most people we know (our age and older) are also the same. Well, we may not be able to stay up late, but I bet we have a better credit rating than the young, more toys (and all of the day to play with them) and better taste in music. Still just means... not much really, and we don't mind, it is all part of the journey and all the changes that life brings make it a rich one, even if we can't see the New Year in any more :)

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