Monday, September 7, 2009

Bandicoots and Pumpkins

I think bandicoots have been walking over where I planted pumpkin seeds and even though I have chook wire on top they just seem to scrunch it down. The wire is there to keep them off but they don't care and no seeds have germinated yet. I really want the pumpkin to grow down the bottom of the garden so it is out of the way but we'll see how it goes with the creek rising during the wet season, it will either work or not.

Today after some cooking I am going to put some more dirt and fertilizer on one of the gardens and plant some seeds. The garden is in need of work and more plants so maybe more beans and I am not sure what else.

We have been using our homemade liquid fertilizer which smells really bad but we're hoping is good for the garden. So one of the other jobs for the day is to fertilise and it is a nice day to be out in the garden, sunny, sunny, sunny.

It is also a good day for the clothes spinning around on the clothes line, don't understand people who always put their clothes in the drier. The smell of sunny clothes is amazing, and it is environmentally friendly, and it is free, couldn't ask for more.

So I am going to go off and enjoy the day and hopefully get lots done, and ignore the hammock which is calling me to lie in it with a cup of tea and a book (maybe later)

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