Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Bread Has Risen

Two of the yam bean seeds have sprouted and are growing nicely, the others didn't grow but I will put in some more. Though I am finding that some bits of the garden are always in the sun and it is quite hot and dry here at the moment and those parts don't seem to be growing as well. So maybe that is why the other seeds didn't come up, just too hot, even the snake beans that don't have any shade aren't doing as well as the ones that do, at least some are. I just like to make sure I get some things growing so I tend to put the same things in different gardens, just hedging my bets :)

We have put up a small fence around the baby banana plant at the bottom of the garden and hopefully now the bandicoots and bush turkeys will stay out. It also means I will be able to put in some more pumpkin seeds without them being dug up, I so hope so anyway.

My partner in crime and life has made the bread again this week, he has made rolls and foccacia and I must say I am fairly certain the yeast went in this time as they have risen beautifully. And so they should have, they spent quite a while sitting in the sun before going into the oven.

The bread smells so yummy coming out of the oven and this afternoon we are going out for ice cream while mum is still here. To finish off the day we are going to make chicken pies for our tea tonight with leftover chicken and a salad picked out of the garden, which will be good and healthy, well we did start off with pancakes,golden syrup and icecream for breakfast :)

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