Friday, September 18, 2009

Ceylon Spinach and Yam Beans

Some of the seeds I planted have started to show. The snake beans were first and are growing quite quickly, and now the ceylon spinach and yam beans are poking their little leaves through the soil.

I am really glad the ceylon spinach is growing as the last few lots of seeds haven't grown, except some old seeds I put in months ago have now started growing too (go figure). So the new ones are growing like they are supposed to, and hopefully it won't be long till I have put in some stakes for them to climb on.

I have never grown yam beans before and don't even know what they look like (the plant that is). It is actually a vine and you eat the tuber, according to my book "Tropical Food Gardens" it is like an apple when raw or a water chestnut when cooked or substitute for bamboo shoots, also cut into strips to have with dip. The seed and leaves are poisonous, I have been told not to eat anything above ground. So I am looking forward to them growing so I can eat them.

The picture above is of one of my gardens, it has ceylon spinach, yam beans, snake beans, kang kong, some long lived rocket, a small pumpkin,and on the outside at the end are rosella.

Our mulberries are coming on now too, we usually just eat them straight off the tree and our second ever bunch of bananas is coming along rather well too. Though we really must do something about the paw paws, no female plants only males. We also have a lot of limes coming on so I guess we will just have to drink tequila in the hammock or something, the sacrifices we make so we don't waste anything :))

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