Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't Forget The Yeast

My partner in crime and life made bread on Sunday and forgot to put in the yeast. It took a while to realise, he waited a very long time for it to rise and of course it didn't. So for the second rising he added in the yeast but of course didn't really work, even to use as toast(not that I eat much bread but I thought I would try it and it was yuk). So yesterday I made more, with the yeast added of course.

Our bananas are coming along well, though haven't cut the flower of it yet but the fruit are looking very healthy. Getting to them is a problem and in hindsight, we should have put in dwarf bananas, they are just so tall and not very stable if you put a ladder against them to reach. My partner in crime and life had to get the first bunch down and how he survived the experience is beyond me, but the little bananas were very sweet and lovely. I would love to have a lot more plants in.

The weather is so dry here at the moment and I can't wait for the wet season just so things aren't so crispy. My washing water is running out onto the lawn to keep that alive and if I wasn't so lazy I would bucket it onto the garden a bit more, but at least it is not going to waste. The bore is run onto the vege gardens and I try and time it so it is only on for 5-10min in each section but the rest of the yard is quite dry. The fruit trees in the pots get watered from water saved in a bucket in the shower, and the coffee plant gets the saved water from the laundry tub.

So looking forward to rain and it not being so crispy, and must not forget the yeast :)

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