Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am starting to think about making lists. These will mainly be in my head but I need to make a list to clean the house before my mum comes to stay for a visit in the school holidays. Though it is also a spring cleaning list, but if it doesn't get done mum will just have to take us as we come, which is usually how people have to take us.

The other list is about having a clean up before the wet season. I know it is only September but we are a bit slow around here so we need to start early. We need to do some trips to the tip to get rid of the palm fronds that keep accumulating, it is a never ending job seeing someone planted lots of them in the yard and we haven't taken many out.

We actually don't have much lying around the yard but it is good to have a clean up and get on the roof and clean the gutters so there are no blockages when it first rains (had that happen a few times, not good to try to clear it in the middle of the night in the pouring rain).

Apparently my Tai Chi workshop was a success, rumour has it everyone loved it but were very tired after. So I am very happy about this.

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