Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beautiful Mornings

As my partner in crime and life is starting work early this week, I am walking the dog alone, and she sets a cracking pace.

The "Beach" is a lovely place early in the morning, before most people are out and a lot just starting to get ready. There are a lot of older homes here, with all the character that goes with it, louvre windows, verandahs looking out onto the street or the beach, so much better than (in my opinion) than new areas with their soulless houses, blank looking windows and no people out and about. Here there are always kids playing in the street, people walking their dogs and the sounds of the houses. Early morning is a favourite time (never used to be), I get to spend some quiet time with my partner in crime and life before he goes off to work, not speaking much (it is early) but the quality is precious.

The sounds coming out of the houses in the early morning as we walk down the streets to the beach are lovely. First there is the smell of soap and deodorant as people shower and start their day, then then are the breakfast sounds. The clatter of cutlery and plates, and sometimes for some lucky person, the smell of bacon and eggs wafts through the streets.

Sometimes before the sun has risen, we see someone up early, sitting on their verandah, overlooking the ocean, waiting for the sunrise. They are having coffee or tea, their laptop is on the table in front of them, maybe quietly checking the news online or getting those work emails out of the way while it is still quiet. It is a lovely way to start the day very peaceful.

The sounds of the ocean as it laps the rocks, the sky becoming paler as the sun rises, the dog smelling every rock she finds, this makes for a great way to start the day. This morning the sky was a pale pink on the horizon, then a pale blue and some light streaks of clouds going across and all the quiet morning sounds as the "Beach" wakes up, just makes me feel connected with the world somehow.

And next week will be better as my partner in crime and life will be back on his regular work times and will be back walking with us, listening, smelling and seeing the world getting out of bed.

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