Friday, September 4, 2009

Wet Season

Well, yesterday was exhausting, the Tai Chi workshop went well, I covered everything I wanted to and everyone seemed to enjoy it. So hopefully they really did enjoy it but it took so much out of me it will be a while before I do it again. Though must say, I did enjoy it very much, and we got to cover a lot of things they needed to know but we don't get time for in a regular class. Teaching is something I never thought I would enjoy and I love it but only adults.

We had some rain yesterday and I realised that I can't wait for the wet season to start. I love checking the weather every morning and watching storms and the rain, and this year I plan on watching more of them from the hammock out the back.

We get on the Bureau of Meteorology website a few times a day and check out the radar, watch the rain come over and see how heavy it will be. The weather is so interesting at this time of the year, the weather is nicer in the dry season but so predictable that we don't ever check the weather.

So, we still have some time before the wet season but the weather is starting to get hotter and some parts of Australia already have had some very hot weather, but then again the weather all over has been very strange. We haven't even gotten out the extra blanket this year as it wasn't so cold and other places have been extra cold with lots of snow, don't tell me some sort of climate change isn't happening, whatever the reason.

So I guess we will soon be getting ready for the hot, humid weather and also for cyclone season, though they said we wouldn't get much activity this season but I don't think they really know, it is always unpredictable. But it is time to get prepared, so I must make my lists of what needs doing.

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