Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!!

Well, ok, we don't have lions and tigers and bears but we do have crocodiles, mud crabs and bird spiders. With all the talk about the upcoming wet season (and whether we will get lots of or only a few cyclones) my mind always turns to the creatures that seem to turn up more during the wet.

Having junior mud crabs creeping through the yard creeps me out, and even though they are small they are no less vicious than the adults. The dog must have trodden on one one day and it threw the claw, we had a lot of trouble getting it off the dogs' paw, she was very grateful when we did.

While the mud crabs are creepy, they are very yummy to eat. Though if your partner in crime and life can't remember how to tie them it is a bit of a problem, and having them running around the kitchen is, well, I can't actually think of word to describe how that is. Needless to say, don't let that happen as there will probably be lots of screaming. Unfortunately for us, we don't catch many and so it is a long time between trying to remember how to tie them for my partner in crime and life (as there is no way I will be putting my bare foot on a mud crabs back so I don't need to know how to tie it).

We went up to the beach yesterday and had a bit of a picnic and it was a nice day. Our number one and only son had a swim but he forgot his boogy board and had to body surf on our very small waves. I am sure he will remember next time. Next time I take the battery out of the camera to charge I will remember to take time to fix the date, these photos now look like I took them over two years ago.

Talking about taking you time, I was finishing some crocheting (a coaster for my dad so the real coaster underneath doesn't get wet) and I was looking at the pattern while cutting the cotton. Won't do that again, next time will concentrate as I sliced the end of my finger and nail with the scissors, I never knew scissors were that sharp, I do now :)

So now mum has gone I will now turn my attention back to our home, get some cooking and cleaning done and give the car a quick wash as it has so much dust on it. I need to make up some more cleaner and tidy and sweep the front veranda. This is where I prefer for our number one and only son to play with friends as our house is too small for kids to be running through it. We have chairs out there, and those interlocking mats for them to sit and muck around on, kids should be outside anyway, their imaginations work better out there. Well, best get on.

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