Friday, September 25, 2009

It Is All Dust and Smoke

Hasn't the dust and smoke been bad? We haven't had it as bad as Sydney or Brisbane but it did manage to come all the way up here. The photo above is looking down our street towards a mountain and it is quite obscured by dust and smoke. Not sure where the fires are but we can smell the smoke so they are somewhere.

This morning when my partner in crime and life and I went for a walk we couldn't see the mountains at all from the esplanade. Not much of the horizon either, but a lot more smoke today, no mountains behind us either. People with respiratory problems would be having a hard time, even my partner in crime and life had a tight chest yesterday after riding his push bike to work and then working outside.

Luckily for us, today our number one and only son is going to be dissecting an squid this morning so while we are waiting for him mum and I will be inside a shopping centre out of the open air. At least we will be dust and smoke free for a little while, to bad about the washing hanging in the outdoor area.

We went off to the zoo yesterday, our number one and only son won passes in so we took mum with us. The zoo was not so big that it took all day to get around, just a few hours and it was really nice, conservation playing a big part of it so these days so it is not so bad.

Of course there was many cute animals, a lot of Australian ones and a few from other countries, I love them all. Of course the lemurs were gorgeous, the red pandas, dingoes, koalas, cockatoos, crocodiles and snakes.

Our number one and only son wanted a photo taken with a koala and he took a beautiful photo. So now he has it all, a photo with a snake, a crocodile and now a koala. It adds to our collection of photos of animals, many many photos, he took a lot yesterday and he is a pretty good photographer.

Anyway, we all had a good time and now just have to put up with the smoke and dust until goes away, then probably have to rewash all our clothes to get rid of the smell :) Oh, well, such is life.

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