Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tai Chi to BMX

I think I must check my garden at least six times a day, just in case anything has changed, usually not. But it does help my decide what I should be doing, like planting more seeds.

The plan is to put seeds in about every two weeks, hasn't happened yet but thought is there. I need to put in more pumpkin over the fence, beans are always good and rosellas and pigeon peas. I really want to have paws paws, but you know, the things you really want are always hard to get. I always seem to get lots of male plants and no females, so I will just plod along and keep trying, though I will pick a different spot and prepare it properly.

I need to do some proper research about what will survive the wet season here, I usually manage to keep some stuff growing, I had rocket that survived last year and gota kola,abika, but I want more. Isabell Shipard's books are the best I have come across with information about all those things I could find elsewhere and more.


I am getting ready to do my first Tai Chi Workshop, I have been teaching for about six years now and haven't done one before so hope I do a good job. If everyone turns up who said they would it will be a large group, so hopefully I will live up to their expectations. So I have been busy getting my notes ready, photocopying, going through my books to see which I will take and planing the workshop programme. I am now not sure I will fit in everything in the three hours, but we can always do another if it is successful.

Of to training for BMX this evening, this is a family event for us as the three of us all race. It is a great sport and there ar other whole families involved but mostly just the kids, and more fathers than mothers. The ladies section is sadly lacking but we have good time racing against the fellows and are working on some other mums to come and give it a go.

My partner in crime and life, is resting for the rest of the year from BMX, though is still training and coaching me. Sadly for him though, I am not very athletic but am working on my techniques and not being so lazy ie pedaling more. Though I did do more pedaling and was going too fast over the jump, didn't control it properly and scared myself silly. Well, back to working on techniques and control and only a little extra speed.

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