Friday, April 2, 2010

Must write about the lovely spice rack that our number one and only son made in tech at school. I don't know yet what mark he received for it but I would give him top marks, but I guess that is because as a mother I have on rose coloured glasses, I think most things he does are pretty good.

So, I have now refilled all my spice jars and put them into my new spice rack. It is a good one as the shelves are deep and I can put some of my bigger jars in, my other one can't do that.

Being school holidays, our number one and only son has to keep himself amused so this morning he made an air cannon. It consists of a bucket with a hole cut in the bottom and plastic over the top, you then hit the plastic and a shot of air comes out, it is pretty freaky, but it works.

He has been down to the flying fox at the creek with the kid from next door, they have also been playing golf. Our golf holes are tomato stakes in the ground and there is a water hazard, I think they both lost their balls in the water hazard and we probably won't find them until the dry season when the water is dried up. They are currently out in the paddock with my big purple exercise ball kicking it around, and I am hoping they don't kill it :), especially since my partner in crime and life has decided to participate, killing the ball is a possibility :p

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