Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our little tanks out the front are constantly overflowing even though I am taking water out for the washing machine and stuff like that. So, that means that the large tanks are filling, they don’t have very far to go.

Yesterday we used up most of the insulation on the kitchen wall. It holds in there rather well and was quite easy to put up. The fridge’s and freezers should start to work a bit more efficiently now, which is good as I cleaned out the big fridge the other day and found carrots freezing in the bottom, I am sure that is not good :(

So the plan now is to buy some more insulation and finish off the rest of the shed, we are hoping it will keep us slightly warmer in the winter. Eventually, way down the track, we will put real walls up, but it is more cosmetic than anything else.

Today it is still raining, so we went into town where it is also raining and has poured down every Saturday we have been in for the last couple of months (or nearly every Saturday).

When there is a break in the rain (I am optimistic there will be one) I am going to re-pot my bay leaf tree/plant. It has been living in a pot for I don’t know how many years, completely neglected but surviving, so I am going to transplant it into bigger, prettier pot and put it up in the garden. I was thinking about put it in the ground until I read that they can grow to 38 feet, so I really need to bonsai it :)

It really doesn’t look like it is going to stop so I might just put on my raincoat and my new (unfortunately coloured) pink socks. Had no choice, my socks are getting mixed up with the men’s socks and I have none. As it turns out, the shops didn’t have purple or red socks my size in the brand I wanted, only black (which are the ones that have been relocated into other drawers) or stripy pink. At least they will be covered up in black gum boots :)

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