Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy couple of days, my partner in crime and life was sick on Sunday and I had to run up and down the mountain with our number one and only son. He had to go and start his dive course, so I didn't mind.

Our number one and only son didn't really want to do it but wants his junior open water certificate, so has to put in the effort. Being nearly 13 years, he thinks he shouldn't have to work, but we are trying to beat that idea out of him ;) As it turns out, it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be because he knows it all already seeing he has been diving since he was eight with the same instructor. He now has to go out to the reef to do the open water part of the course and also pass a multiple choice test. Once it is all done we will then all be able to dive together as licenced divers, however that may some time in the future as the coffers are empty right now :) but that is OK, thing is we can if we could :)

As it has been school holidays and we have had multitudes of kids here (or so it seems), our number one and only son has been getting to know them all fairly well. The kid from next door brought him motor bike down yesterday and let our number one and only son ride it. It was a first for him and he was just thrilled, I think the kid from next door is looking forward to having a riding partner when we eventually get a motor bike here, he is certainly fanning the fires at our place to hurry it along.

However, there are some conditions for getting a bike (isn't there always?). Our number one and only son has to do well at school, and the bike we get won't be brand new, and it not to cost much, and he doesn't run into my garden :p

The big thing that the kids have been doing is going to the swimming hole at the creek and swimming and using the flying fox. Even the girls go down, but I don't think they use the flying fox, and if they do there is a lot of screaming involved, we can hear them from here so we know :)

The kids have told us that the swimming hole doesn't dry up in the dry season (not that anyone would be swimming in it as it would be too cold), but it will be interesting to see.

I have discovered that by connecting three hoses together, they will reach the garden from the tap near the shower, so I am pretty happy. So yesterday I got to water the garden with a hose for the first time :) it was very exciting. So now there is no real rush to get a tap put in near the garden as we can easily water as it is.

So now I am just waiting for my seeds to become seedlings, wish they would hurry up, such a slow thing gardening. However they pumpkin seedlings are going very well, I am expecting loads of pumpkins. The next garden I am going to build will be for the sweet potato which are currently in a large pot but need to be in a garden.

I best get on with the housework, having spent so much time in town I haven't had time to do much cleaning and so really need to, especially living in a place where the inside is out and the outside is in :) So off to set my timer (15 minutes per area) just so I don't get too carried away with he cleaning, ha, like that would ever happen :))

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