Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One thing about living in a shed is the lack of cupboards, actually no cupboards. Luckily there is a kitchen so there are obviously cupboards there but no wardrobes, linen cupboards, laundry cupboards, all the cupboards that you would normally take for granted.

When we bought this place there was a wooden framed wardrobe left in the bedroom, this has now become our linen cupboard and still lives in our bedroom as there really is nowhere else for it to be. The front rolls up when you want to get into it and rolls down to hide the mess :)

Yesterday I decided that it was really time to tidy it up as we couldn't really find anything, everything had just been thrown in there as we found it and not organised. I didn't take a before photo, which is just as well as it was beyond embarrassing.

For the first time ever I matched up the sheets and put them in the corresponding pillowcase, some of these are old but can still be used and they are now easy just to grab out. Our number one and only son has about four sets of sheets in his draw, not including the ones currently on his bed, they are still sets even if they are mismatched :p

Eventually we will be putting some extra cupboards on the walls in the laundry/bathroom which means some of the stack of towels can move into there. Which will be good as we have a very tall pile of towels, which is not a bad thing, you can always use towels, but they don't have to all be in one pile.

Now all I have to do is find a home for all the spare pillows that we somehow have accumulated. And I wish I could say that I had thought (all by myself) to put sheets inside the pillowcase to keep it all together and easy to get out, but I read that tip on the Simple Savings website. Mind you, I can't figger out why I DIDN'T think of it, though I am sure that many others have been doing this for years and never told me ;)

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