Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our place has become like Pit St, we seem to have kids coming through all the time, who said that the country was quiet? Though at the moment we are going into town every day and I am tired. At this rate I might just drop out of society (the preferred option) or maybe just get more organised and start saying "no", that will probably happen when the school holidays are finished.

With all the comings and goings here it is very difficult to have an outdoor shower, but today I dashed out and had one when it seemed all the traffic had ceased for the day.

We have improved our outdoor shower and it seems to be good improvements. We put down weed matting (which was made from recycled plastic bottles), added some extra pavers including in the part where we stand. My partner in crime and life didn't like standing on all the pebbles despite the fact that it would have been massaging his feet. So we put pavers in the middle and the pebbles around them, we also put extra pavers in the front to stand on when you get out.

I have also finally made my first little vege garden, I was getting a bit frustrated that it was taking so long and at least now I have some dirt to play in. It was hard to decide what to plant so I decided that I would put in rocket, Lebanese cucumber, Ceylon spinach and bush beans.

The Ceylon spinach will eventually take over that garden but by then the others will be gone. It is only a small garden but I wanted to put in as much as I could in that small area, so I divided it into four. I hope they all grow :)

We have done a bit of mowing today, the ground is drying out now the rain has stopped. Though, this means that for the moment I will have to bucket water to the plants. Eventually we will have a tap put in at the bore shed near the garden, but that is not yet :( but we should be still getting some rain for a bit :)

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