Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We all know that we must keep our cars in good order but when you move out of town you are really aware that if you break down or run out of petrol it will be in the middle of nowhere. And while we aren't quite in the middle of nowhere, it is still out enough :) AND, I have now learnt that diesel vehicles don't have spark plugs, who knew? I didn't :)

We have done some work on the truck, servicing and getting all four tyres replaced, and now it is time for the car. This morning we have been to get the two back tyres replaced and Monday it will be serviced. We really notice it going up and down the mountain, skidding in the wet due to bald tyres is a bad thing, already seen enough cars off the edge and we really really don't want to go down that road (literally).

Despite our tanks now being full and we will still be getting rain for a bit, we are still quite frugal with our water. Guess it is another thing about living out of town and having to rely on ourselves a bit more, no town water, and while we never wasted water, we never had to think about running out either.

In saying that though, one of the things we have always wanted was to be more self sufficient, growing our own food, sew our own stuff, entertain ourselves. So, all these changes to our lives are actually quite small as we have lived this lifestyle to a degree for a long time, and the change from town isn't very much, nor was the decision a big one for us as we have been working towards it for years.

Someone asked me if we regret the move (what are they thinking?), due to the rain and all that, all the stuff in their house is going mouldy as they live in the rainforest. The only thing I regret is having to go into town so much, I enjoy my classes but wish I didn't have to go for anything else except maybe garden supplies :p

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