Monday, April 26, 2010

We had a really good night last night. Yesterday afternoon we built a fire so we could burn some old bills and stuff, and we just stayed on out there.

We watched the sunset by the fire and it was so peaceful. Our number one and only son got an apple and put it on a stick at roasted it in the fire, the stick did burn and the apple fell in to the fire but that was OK, it was going to be black anyway. He loves the sweet taste of cooked apple.

We also pulled out a fair amount of sensitive weed while sitting there, there was stacks of it and my partner in crime and life kept sitting on it. Eventually we all ended up with a seat off the ground :)

Our number one and only son also went and washed some potatoes and wrapped them in foil to throw in the fire. They did burn a bit through the foil, but it didn't matter they were YUMMY :) We grated some cheese, cut open the potatoes and mushed in the cheese with baked beans. It was the best meal.

My partner in crime and life went and got his guitar and entertained us around the fire. Despite having arthritis in his hands, he managed along for a while. I love to hear him play, he used to play a lot but not so much now, I hope he does more of it in spite of his hands.

So we had a wonderful time sitting around the fire just talking and enjoying ourselves, we certainly plan on do this more, especially as it starts to get a bit colder :)

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