Friday, April 23, 2010

School went back this week and I am now trying to get into a proper routine and doing my thing, whatever that is.

I don't think I will get used to my clothes line but it does the job of drying the clothes which is the main thing, and it does a pretty good job. After having a bit of a whinge to my mum and mourning my old line, she has decided that if she moves she will take her old clothes line with her :)

I made more apple pies using my new pastry sheet and it worked really well, you don't need to use any flour to stop the pastry sticking and it is really easy to clean. I made one large pie, a dozen mini pies for lunches and I didn't kill the jam tartlets this time :) The mini pies are huge hit as they freeze well and then can just be popped into lunch boxes, so I will have to make more next week as they are going like hot cakes.

My seedlings are going along very well with the Lebanese cucumbers coming up first, then the bush beans and last the Ceylon spinach. The rocket isn't going too well and I have never have it fail before so I don't know what has happened there.

One of the lovely ladies at Tai Chi has given me some bean seeds, she called them long beans and I think they are snake beans, but regardless, they are very long and I appreciate any seeds I am given. All will be going into the garden and these beans are easy to grow.

I am hoping to build some more gardens next week as my partner in crime and life has taken the week off and we will be able get stuck in. I have some plants that really need to be put in a garden like the sweet potato and the kang kong, and I need to get seeds or I will never have a garden :(

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