Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Because I am so lazy, on the public holiday on Monday I made more apple pies (a big one and a dozen mini ones) and mini quiches. I did this so I don't have to make sandwiches in the morning for lunch for our number one and only son.

It has worked out really well, I still have to get up in the morning (we all have our crosses to bear) but no lunch to make, just get one mini apple pie and two mini quiches out of the freezer and put them into containers and into the lunch box. I love it, I'm thinking he may have to live on apple pie and quiche for the rest of his school career :)

My partner in crime and life has taken this week off work (long service leave) to just hang out and mow and stuff. So while he is home I am getting him to help me build some more gardens while businesses are open, and he is home to go to the open businesses.

So far, we have gone and bought some more Bessa blocks, we bought seconds which were a light terracotta colour and rough on one side, which we faced outwards as a feature :) We just need two half blocks to fill in the gap of one garden bed, we didn't measure it and then decided that we would fill it. We made sure we measured the rest.

Today we went back to the tip and bought more mulch, we have bought it before and put it around the fruit trees and natives. It is quite good and quite cheap (big plus) but apparently we aren't filling the trailer enough (according to the tip guy) so next time we will fill it more. At least we don't have to take it far (the transfer station is just across the road) or I would have visions of mulch flying out the trailer down the highway as we travel at a hundred kilometers an hour.

On Friday we will go and get a trailer load of garden soil from not too far away, and then I will be able to finish off those beds and start planning for the next row. At least I have some gardens to play in, one in not enough, I look at it about six times a day to see if they are growing, a lot a pressure for one small garden plot.

Today we had to take our dog to the vet as she was weeing blood. I thought she had a urinary tract infection (which she does) but to prove that we had to get a urine sample. Now how do you do that? We had never had to get a urine sample from a dog before and thank goodness she is a girl dog, don't know how we would have managed with a boy dog.

So before we went to the vet we found a tray, one of the styrofoam trays that I always keep to reuse for something and my partner in crime is always trying to throw away, and then we took the dog for a walk. Off across the paddock we went to try and catch a wee. As it turns out, it wasn't as difficult as we thought it would be, my partner in crime and life held the lead while I walked behind with the tray waiting for her to squat. It all happened so fast I nearly missed it, but we caught it and put it in a zip lock bag, apparently they haven't had one in a zip lock bag before :)

So now she is on antibiotics, morning and night, to clear it up, and then another urine test to check it is gone once the tablets are finished. So that means we have to catch dog wee again, oh well, we gotta do what we gotta do :)

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