Monday, May 3, 2010

We have had a busy few days building a fence around the shed, so now we have a house yard and the dog can roam in it. She was getting stressed not having any boundaries and no area that is hers. It also has the added benefit that no-one can just walk through the open doors, they have at least go through the gate first.

We spent two days building the fence, we bought an Auger, which is the fancy name for a post hole digger, and there was a fair few rocks in some of the holes. It is very dirty work and my partner in crime and life did most of it until he let me have a go.

It was very hard on the hands and shoulders, so my partner in crime and life had very sore muscles and finger tips and also a ripped nail.

We also got dirt over the weekend to fill the garden, so at long last the kang kong has been planted out, it was fairly root bound. I planted some more seeds and also dug another hole and planted the sweet leaf, it was also looking a bit sad in the pot.

I planted were more Lebanese cucumber seeds, in hope these will do better than the others. I planted snake beans , rocket (also hoping that these will do better too), shallots, basil and another one which I can't remember. I never write these things down and get a surprise when they come up, if I recognise it :)

The abika plants aren't going so well, one isn't too bad, so I took two of them out of the pots and cut them and put them into the garden and hope they will take.

So it is back to work tomorrow for my partner in crime and life, and I get to go back to my regular life too :)

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