Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We had a cool morning this morning, when we went walking I didn't even take off my long sleeve top, though I did pull up the sleeves. So the rain has gone for today, leaving it a lovely sunny day, good enough to catch up on the washing which has been piling up a bit.

There is just a slight breeze which is coming through the shouse and freshening everything up, and the dog is lying in the open doorway in the sun.

Some of our paperbark trees are flowering. I don't know if there are different types of paperbark trees as not all are flowering, but the smaller ones are. They are a lovely pale yellow and look a bit like wattles, and from a distance are quite snow like.

When I got up close, I could see (what looked like) MILLIONS of bush bees. I love bush bees, they are little and cute and don't sting. I did also see some regular bees. This is a good thing with the world bee crisis and everything, I am also happy to see them around some of my flowering herbs in the pots :)

So lovely to see all these flowering trees, very pretty and very Australian bushlike, which I love. Not sure if they smell at all, I don't want to get a bush bee up my nose :p

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