Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We have done a fair bit of cooking the last few days. We have had the fire going outside to put the camp oven on, and then we got cravings for sweet things. We actually persevered without anything sweet, as I didn't want to drive into town and spend money, though I nearly caved in.

On the campfire, we made a stew the first night in the camp oven. The recipe came from one of our camp cooking books, and had a stubby of home brew beer in it and I can’t remember what else, I think some mustard. Just threw in some stewing steak and stacks of veggies and put the camp oven on the fire, my partner in crime and life also made some beer damper which we ate after the stew as we were very full.

We decided to have another fire as it will be a while till we can have another one due to the men going away to a family function. When they get home, my partner in crime and life then goes off the next morning to Tamworth, NSW for work for three weeks. So we decided to make the most of it and made meatballs but not with tomato soup as we usually do but with vegetable soup.

Seeing that my partner in crime and life had some arthritis, and things like tomatoes make it worse, we went with vegetable soup instead and it was lovely. We cooked our veggies in foil on the fire including beetroot. Sooo YUM.

It has been raining on and off here for a couple a days, I have gone between "YAY" the tanks are filling, and then when the sun comes out "YAY" the solar hot water system is heating. Between all this we have fenced and mowed and gardened and cooked.

The other things we have made are chocolate biscuits and a chocolate cake, both without butter, as I wasn't going to drive anywhere just to get butter. One of the recipes is from the Simple Savings Book “The $21 Challenge” and the other one I am pretty sure I got from the site from one of the lovely people who contribute there. I tell you, they certainly fixed the cravings.

The other thing we made was Microwave Chips, don’t know where this came from, I usually write these things down so I remember, but maybe Simple Savings from a long time ago, I just can’t remember.

So these fixed the chip craving. I have a slicer thingy that I bought from a show and has been one of the better handy things I have in the kitchen. It has a few different slicing thingys (wish I could think of the names) and so I can slice the potatoes thin enough to be like potato chip in the packet.

I then just put a bit of salt (only a bit as they can be very salty) or other seasoning, we used garlic salt, and into the microwave for five minutes, then one minute bursts if needed, we didn't need it. It does take while to get a bowl full but everyone can just have less and appreciate it.

We have also made, actually my partner in crime and life has made, sour dough bread, though we haven’t got the taste right yet so need to work on that. We have the plant going and the bread works well but not much sour taste so we will keep researching. He also made two loaves of regular wholemeal bread for lunches this week, he is such a good husband :)

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