Friday, May 14, 2010

The dog woke me before the crack of dawn again his morning, and again I refused to get up until it at least got light. Not too cool this morning which is good, but I guess it will consistently get colder as we move further into the dry season. The little sprinkle of rain that we have had hasn't put any water into the tanks.

My mum is arriving this afternoon for a visit, I still think she is just coming to make sure we aren't living in a tent. She will however have to sleep in the lounge room as there is nowhere else.

Of course, because we are having a visitor, there is a dead mouse in the kitchen. We had one in the bedroom and I couldn't find it, so it must be behind the wardrobe which I can't move. The one in the kitchen must be under a cupboard as I can't find it either, and of course you can't move kitchen cupboards. Though I am sure we will one day find their little mummified bodies :)

We are just about ready to move forward with building our number one and only son his own room so he doesn't have to sleep in the corner of the shed. We just have a few things to organise and decide where exactly the windows and doors should be, a bit of disagreement there but I am sure that my partner in crime and life will see that I am right :p

I am hoping when I go out to the garden this morning that some more of my seeds will have come up, it really is the slow way to grow things but it is the cheap way. It is just that there is not a lot of greenery out there yet.

We have decided to put up trellis, probably in the form of short fences, to grow passionfruit and granadilla on. We will put these up behind the garden, having been motivated (and we always were going to do this but really want to do it right now) by one of my friends from Tai Chi who brought in these lovely passionfruit. They are so full and just taste gorgeous YUMMO :)

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