Monday, May 31, 2010

Never touch a caterpillar. I know from personal experience that this is a bad thing. We went for a walk around the block and I must have brushed against a tree and got a caterpillar on my shirt. While walking along I was brushing my arm against my shirt and therefore the caterpillar, and ended up with a lovely, incredibly itchy, lumpy, red rash. And it is still a little itchy nearly two days later.

We have had a few foggy mornings in the last week, and it looks very Christmasy, even though it is not Christmas and we live in the tropics and so would not get snow or anything. But with the fog and all the dew on everything, all the grass and trees look white and shiny.

There are spiderwebs everywhere on the grass.

And spiderwebs all through the trees.

I guess at least I can see them so I don't walk through them. Not that it actually stopped me from walking through them mindlessly.

My partner in crime and life has finally come home from Tamworth but may be going away again soon. So this week I am going to try and have a normal week, try not to be too busy just getting on with the stuff I need to do without having extra stuff going on.

Last week mum went home on Tuesday, I spent a lovely whole day with girlfriends on Wednesday, Tai Chi on Thursday, Friday I picked up my partner in crime and life from the airport then we talked all afternoon. All day Saturday was spent in town as our number one and only son plays war games, and Sunday was at home resting a little, and finishing the gaps in the boundary fence that hadn't been done.

So this week I just want to write, wash, garden, do Tai Chi classes, mow, cook and do some planning of stuff. Not too much really :)

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