Thursday, May 13, 2010

The men have come back from their weekend away and while they enjoyed it, our number one and only son got sick. He already had a cough but then we think he got a bit of food poisoning and is still sick in the stomach. So unfortunately he is off for the rest of the week and missing a lot of school but it can't be helped, at least he is doing a little school work quietly until he needs to lay down.

So they got back late on Tuesday afternoon and as soon as they walked in the door my partner in crime was repacking to go to Tamworth for work. They booked him on a flight at 6.15am the next morning, which meant we were back up before the crack of dawn. Of course the headlights in the car blew, so we had to take the truck which I then had to drive back home in the dark up the mountain. Not what I call fun, driving an unfamiliar vehicle in the dark up a mountain, but I didn't fall of the mountain so obviously I am not too bad a driver :)

The v on the keyboard keeps sticking so every time there is a word with v in it, I have to keep going back and pressing really hard to make it work. Stupid thing.

The dog woke me up early this morning and I thought she just wanted to go out for a wee, but no, she didn't want to do a wee, she wanted to go for a walk. It took me a while to figure this out as it was about 5.15am, so I laid in bed a bit trying to go back to sleep. However, I was obviously meant to go for a walk as I couldn't get back to sleep, so at 6am (which is quite early enough) I got up and took her for a walk.

So coming back from my walk the sunrise looked like this.

It also looked like this, quite pretty isn't it?

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