Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The small tanks are overflowing again, even though I took out twelve buckets of water yesterday. Seems like a lot of water and it is, but the roof catches a lot, even a small amount of rain, even just dew, drips into the tanks. The large tanks still have a little to go till they are full but it won't be long now, especially if this rain continues.

Here is my Kaffir Lime, it is hanging out in the middle of the paddock by itself but I hope it won't be long until it is surrounded by other plants. I think I will put plants (eating ones) around the boundary of the vege gardens and the actual beds inside of that.

These little plants behind the tanks hopefully won't be alone for too long, we plan on putting more next to them that will grow and give us some shade, and food :)

The paw paw tree is looking quite healthy and getting new leaves (must put in more as the seedlings don't seem to be doing much) but the fruit salad plant next to it isn't looking so great. This is the second time it has been transplanted (not here) and we hope it bounces back as well as the first time.

Must clean out the fridge today and defrost the freezers, they have been working hard as the shed is not lined and the walls get very hot in the sun, and I mean really hot. So as the fridge and freezers are against this particular wall they are really doing the hard yards. I am hoping that this weekend we will be able to put some insulation on these walls, this will also help keep out the cold bit, I hope. We have some that has been left on the mezzanine level and I am sure it won't be hard :) Famous last words :)


  1. You really are inspirational KJ, I am finally get my husband to come around to my way of thinking - so much so that we are now considering owner building a small 12 x 6 skillion roofed post and beam cottage on our block of land. This is in addition to building the man his shed as well :S

  2. Thanks Linda. Your idea sounds great, and the work will be worth it in the end. You can always extend later if you thing you really need it.

    Just planting an idea with our husbands and letting him think it is idea when he comes up with it later works for me. Never thought this would work but does with me ;)