Monday, March 8, 2010

I think we may finally be online properly, except when we use the phone, something about it being close to the same frequency as the Internet or some such thing.

We had a lovely fog this morning, I missed most of it as I didn't hear the alarm so my partner in crime and life went walking without me. However, it was lovely and cool to start the day, even though you could feel how warm it was going to get during the day.

Our new secondhand ute we bought had a seizure yesterday, clutch went and apparently it is actually the slave cylinder? Which really does I don't know what, but it is very important as we can't go anywhere without it (that is such a blonde thing to say :) So the poor truck is sitting in the paddock waiting for my partner in crime and life to get back from town with parts to fix it. Hopefully it will be reasonably straight forward :)

I brought some more plants up from the other house yesterday. We were there taking some loads to the tip and going to the hardware store, of course I had to run into a friend, luckily I had on clean old clothes :) Later in the day we went back to the hardware store and I had on dirty old clothes and just prayed that I wouldn't run into anyone I know, and we didn't, but it is usually the way. And amazingly all the other times I went out really really grotty I didn't met anyone so I can count my lucky stars :)

Anyway, so brought up some lemon grass, galangal and more aloe vera. Things is we were so tired that I didn't plant them when we got home, so this morning they are still wrapped in newspaper waiting for me. I did lay awake last night for a bit feeling bad that I didn't plant them, but they should be right and I will plant them today. I really think they will do better up here.

My partner in crime and life brought up the fruit salad plant that was given to us by our neighbours. They are currently enjoying fruit off theirs so hopefully ours will settle in and produce some fruit sometime. We decided to plant it next to the paw paw (which is doing quite well) and we think it is a good spot for it, it looks good anyway :)

Our number one and only son was not happy that his (our old) lounge was probably going to lounge heaven,so put on the sad face and we relented, it is now back (again) up here sitting on the veranda till we find space for it and squish it in. All our number one and only son needs to do is sit on the lounge and play the banjo and we are in Deliverance country :) We so need to move it soon :)

So off to do more mowing today, and also planting out my lemon grass and stuff, I think I will make them the start of the vege garden. Much work to do, and I think I need about 48 hours in the day at the moment to fit it in but we are nearly at the end and then we can kick back and enjoy being here :)

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