Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We are still connected to the Internet and all is still going well with it and it is so great to have a good connection and be able to catch up on the news from around the world. I have a few things I read every day and it is nice to be able to do that, a cup of tea and the news of the world, very relaxing start to the day.

We got those plants into the ground yesterday and it was good to relieve the guilt of neglecting them overnight :) So hopefully they will take off, will put some fertilizer on them today, actually everything needs some fertilizer so will do that late this afternoon.

Our new rainwater tank is supposed to be arriving today, so we will see if it happens, we so want it to arrive so we can hook it up and wait for the rain to fill it. We are also planning on putting a smaller tank out the front to catch the rain of the veranda roof. This tank we want to put on a stand and just have a tap so we can use it for filling up the dogs water, washing the car, and any other outside stuff.

We finished the mowing yesterday, my partner in crime and life hasn't mowed for a fair while and just had to go out and mow. I did one paddock and he finished of what was left, so we are now all caught up with that (until next week that is). So off to do some brush cutting today and we will be all squared away :)

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