Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We have had some rain the last couple of days which is great for the tanks. In the last three days we have had a total of 33mm in our rain gauge, it is really nice to see. However, according to my partner in crime and life we need about 280mm (or something like that) of rain to fill both tanks to the top, so I guess we have a way to go, and that doesn't include what we use.

I really need to start going through some of the packed boxes as there are things missing that we want. I am really missing our marble coasters and the calculator, I really need to find the start of the blanket I am crocheting for our number one and only son, and also the dive book so he can do his junior open water course in a couple of weeks.

I am also really looking forward to improving our shed, like tiling, while I can live with it, I would really prefer tiles over cement. I do have mats down, those interlocking rubber mats that I have used for training are now our walkways and mats for under our feet on the lounge.

We also really need to line the walls, we are particularly going to notice this in the winter, I am afraid of the cold :) and so will be making those wheat bags soon, dragging out the hot water bottles and crocheting blankets. Crocheting blankets means that I can have the blanket to be on my knees while working and be warm.

I have recovered my reading chair with the (lots of) leftover material from the benches (I really over estimated there). It was looking very daggy, a cream colour that showed up the marks when I spill stuff (I am a spiller) so the dark colour of the purple will be much better.

So, of course I sat in my newly recovered chair and had a read of my Grass Roots magazine, and it is all very comfy. The chair is located next to one of my bookshelves, it is the one that has my recipe and gardening books, also health, Tai Chi and self sufficiency books, basically all my reference books that I regularly look at. It is also next to my stationary cupboard so if I need to write myself a note or anything I can just leap up and I am there :)

Today I have to drag myself away from home for just a little while to go to the local post office, and I don't really feel like it. I have been home for three days and it has been lovely, but you gotta do what you gotta do. So off to the post office soon and I think I will also make some vegemite scrolls which are a huge favourite in our home :)

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