Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our new tank has finally arrived, YAY, very exciting. After waiting what we think is a long time it is here, apparently they are unusually busy, this is the first year when so many people want tanks in the wet season. Who knew?

It didn't take too much to prepare the site, moving the rock pile was the hardest thing, and then all that we had to do was level the site. So we were out there with a spirit level, of course it had to be perfect :)

The truck arrived with little fanfare and the whole thing was not traumatic at all (compared to the container fiasco), it was all over and done with in about 15 minutes. The tank certainly looked bigger on the truck than what they do on the ground.

The tank was just bounced off the truck, I thought it was going to bounce into the other tank. It was a very simple process, it was just lifted up and it fell off the truck.

So now it is sitting on an angle waiting for us to put it in place, it is about 350kg so it will take a little effort to get it there. I am thinking that we could just push it down and hope it doesn't run into the shed :) but it may be harder than that.

Of course you should be careful what you wish for, I wished that the rain would hold off until the tank got here. I should have been more specific, the rain did start after the tank arrived, it just isn't ready yet, and now the existing tank is overflowing. We need to move it and get it hooked up, soon :) So will do some tank moving this afternoon :)

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