Monday, March 29, 2010

The rain is still coming down and I think the water tanks must be nearly full, something to check when there is a break in the rain.

At the moment every time it stops raining I put on my gum boots to go out and then the rain starts up again. The dog and I went to get the mail, started out with no rain, then it started coming down, so we ran to the letter box, then ran back, of course the dog can run faster than me so she was nearly puling me over, which wasn't difficult as I had no belt on my jeans and they kept falling down :)

I bought two pavers today to put under the small tank out the front, and that should stop the water digging a hole in the ground. I had to go into town today and take our number one and only son to the dentist to get a thing on his braces fixed. So this gave me the opportunity to get the pavers and some mulch, can always use mulch, and dirt, and fertiliser, and more plants :)

We planted out the kaffir lime, we have put it into the top corner of the future vege garden, of course I didn't realise they can get to four metres, guess I will have to prune it. We also put in this capsicum type plant next to the compost bin, and then next to that we put our miracle fruit plant, which also get quite tall.

So those last two are behind the shed, along the embankment that is next to the tanks. We want to put bushes along there for privacy, and shading the tanks and shed, we want to put in bushes not trees, and if we can it would be good to put in fruit bearing bushes.

We planted some pumpkin seeds up next to the lemon grass. I bought an organic Kent Pumpkin and saved the seeds, I was putting some in and my partner in crime and life put more in, so we will have lots of pumpkin seedlings in the one patch. I suppose it allows for some not germinating and being able to select the strongest, except I don't' do that, I always think "you poor thing, keep trying", not into pulling out living plants if I can help it.

We also went and saved some plants that had been dumped out by the previous owner into the dam overflow. They have been there for ages and we kept saying we will plant them and we finally have. They are pot plants so we don't' know how they will go in the ground but we will give them a try and look after them. We planted them next to the driveway on the bend so they do look good and I hope they survive.

I have also been trying to decide what sort of garden edging I will use around the vege garden, a lot of edging isn't high enough as I need to make raised beds. Some of it is very nice looking, there is bamboo, corrugated iron, plastic, treated timber, untreated hard wood, a lot of choice. Of course, I want something untreated and a reasonable height and have been told that untreated hardwood is a good height and of course has nothing bad in it to leach into the soil, and it is apparently the cheapest.

So we need to go and research this all properly, prices and materials, now we actually have time and it is getting to the stage of "we must start building our garden". I also have a lot of pots out next to the dam of plants that need to be planted out, not desperately, but soon :)

So when the rain stops I will dash out and take some photos of out plants in the ground and post them in my next blog. Might be waiting a bit :) Time for a cuppa.

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