Friday, March 12, 2010

We managed to get the tank into place, not as easy as they made out it would be, but there you have it :)

At first we just tried to pull it with the ride on mower, that didn't work so we had to get the truck (which is now fixed without too much drama) and give it a gentle push while also pulling with the mower.

There was a couple of pushes and pulls that went on, but we actually got it nearly to where we want it, and that is where it will stay. It looks quite good.

So this morning I rang the company to come out and hook it up, "OK" they said, we will send you out a form to fill out, then send it back and then we will ring you to organise a time. What? I just want to organise it now, so someone can come out soon, but that is not the way it is done, so we are emailing so it should go a little faster than snail mail.

Well, I had better finish hanging out the washing, it won't hang itself. I really can't wait for a proper clothesline, with a path to it, and it has to spin around in the wind and all that. We are going to put it out near the future vegetable garden, I have the exact spot picked out, but for the time being I am just imagining it all there :)

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  1. Congratulations on getting the new tank in KJ - I hope it doesnt take too long to get it hooked up and functional. Thinking of you xx Linda