Friday, March 26, 2010

We have had a lovely lot of rain, in the twenty four hours to this morning we had 40mm in the rain gauge, 35mm was from last night. We have also had another 40mm this morning, so the tanks are well on the way to being filled.

The dam is overflowing, not just at the overflow pipes but also over the bank, so we have water everywhere. The water is nearly up to my pots which currently live on the side of the dam and one of the overflow spots is just up from them.

Most of the water is flowing out of the next door neighbours dam, gushing would be a better word so we now have an incredibly large dam.

I have bought the wheat to make our wheat bags, and it is just as well I like purple as we are going to have a lot of purple, between the benches, the chair and the wheat bags. It is a very good colour :) So I will make them up this afternoon.

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