Sunday, March 28, 2010

We have had a busy weekend, we have put in two small water tanks at the front off the veranda, and also put an incredibly huge mast on the side of the shed to put the antenna on.

We had to first level out the area, and make sure that both tanks were the same as we put in a balance pipe at the bottom of both tanks to connect them so they would fill up together. Just like our big tanks out the back.

It was quite easy, and we really hoped that we bought all the correct parts as we were not going to driving back into town. However all worked out well, with no disasters that often accompany our endeavours :)

As it was raining quite a bit yesterday by last night they were overflowing and so we now have an extra 620 litres of rain water and will use this for filling the dog's water, washing the car etc. We have put one tap over the dog bowl to easily fill that and the tap on the other tank is facing out so we can put a bucket under it. We have placed rocks around the edges and will buy a large paver to put under the bucket tap. I think it looks quite neat, it doesn't obstruct our view and water no longer splashes back onto the veranda :)

The antenna got put up while I was visiting the neighbour, so I came home to this massive thing on the roof. We now have two bars on the reception thingy for the Internet, five would have been better but two works, maybe on a clear day it might be better, who knows? However it is very very tall, it is a six metre mast so on top of our five metre roof makes it very high.

My wheat bags turned out really well, and now I have put some lavender oil on them they smell nice too. The first one I made too big and had to sew up one side to make it smaller, I also left the opening too small so it was difficult to turn in the correct way. The next two were just right (I am starting to sound like Goldilocks) and the last one was a bit small and had a bit of trouble sewing it closed but I got there.

We have also been enjoying these lovely bananas that a friend grew and then brought to Tai Chi class to share with us. They are really yummy :) I really need to get a banana circle growing, but I need to bring in stacks of dirt first, so I guess I will be waiting a little longer for this :( Never mind, there is always more things to do :)

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