Sunday, February 28, 2010

We are going to be offline again :( for a few days while we wait for a new modem to arrive. Apparently the one we have has a problem and that is why we keep dropping in and out all the time. So hopefully this will fix it and we’ll be all good, really hope so.

Our laundry and bathroom are together now. In our other house we had a large bathroom and a large laundry, now we have a large laundry/bathroom, therefore less room than before.

It is actually a good arrangement, you really don’t need that much space and you only keep what you need. The setup actually works quite well and I guess it depends on what you normally keep in your laundry, I have a bit.

So we are going to put in two extra cupboards, one above the laundry tub and one above where the ironing board is kept. This will give us extra storage for toilet paper (can never have too much), old towels (we always need these) and washing powder, vinegar etc.

We can’t use just any old cleaning product out here because of the septic system we have. Best cleaning products are vinegar, bicarb and washing soda, and this suits me fine. If we use other products like bleach, anti-bacterial stuff etc it will kill the septic system and then will cost us a bit to get fixed, it works on good bacteria and you have to be careful not to kill them.

Apparently you can use anything that is biodegradable but not all claims are correct so sticking with the natural stuff works good. Of course no oils can be put down the drain, or chemicals or disinfectants.

So I clean with vinegar mainly and the washing powder I use is on their good list so no change there. I use the Planet Ark washing powder and have for a long time so am pleased that this is a good one according to others, I do use the minimum amount that I can anyway.

I wipe out the shower after use to keep it dry and mould free and throw around some vinegar every now and again, no mould so far. Everything else gets wiped down with vinegar and putting some vinegar in the toilet when we go out keeps it clean too.

I do also use my own homemade cleaner which has 1 litre water, 200ml vinegar, 40ml detergent, 40ml eucalyptus oil and 2 dsp washing soda, I clean a lot with this but don’t put any down the sink because o the eucalyptus oil. I am pretty sure it won’t hurt as it is not much but better safe that sorry and so far no problems.

I do the dishes in a basin in the sink and throw the water out into the paddock. My main reason for this at the moment is the sink is a plastic disgusting sink that needs replacing and I refuse to use it, but the other reason is so that no nasties go down the drain, like oil. So when the sink is replaced I will still sometimes use the basin depending on what is being washed up.

All this works well for the greenie in me and I no longer have to explain about why I do a certain thing, just need to say “it will kill the septic system” and it will be the truth.

Except when people ask why do we no longer have a clothes dryer I just have to say there is no room in the laundry/bathroom. I can’t be bothered explaining that we rarely use it anyway, wear and tear on your clothes is greater, power bill higher therefore the environmental cost is higher (even for only a little use) and no there is just no room at the inn :)


  1. Hi KJ, great to see you set up in your new abode. I love the photos keep taking them ! Thinking of you xx Linda (aka Little Miss Sunshine) - Simple Savings.

  2. Thanks Linda, only another week and the other house will be sorted and we will be able to concentrate on here. I think we may also be back online properly, here's hoping.