Friday, February 26, 2010

This Internet connection is driving us crazy. So this will be the third blog posted today (if I can get back on). I have posted one of yesterdays before the connection went down and have another one and I am doing this one just because I can (well, maybe I can, not sure yet)

Our new water tank will be arriving next week and we are so glad. Can’t wait for it to fill up so we can have lots of water, it is even a matching colour, it should be anyway. I hope the delivery of the tank is less eventful that the delivery of the container :)

I saw the baby ducks yesterday and they have grown so much since the last time I saw them. They are about half the size of the parent they were with and still cute. The plover babies are also growing, they are now slightly bigger than a small ball, and are here on and off. Of course there is always one that just has to roam more than the others, we can find two not the third and then we see him off further than the rest. The parent then yells at them and they come running, quite funny.

Of course it would rain now, we eventually found the sheets from the bed of our number one and only son. I was searching all the boxes with no luck and then yesterday my partner in crime and life turned up with them, still at the other house. So now I am washing them all but the rain has just kicked in, typical, guess another day of washing hanging around the house :(

So now I had best turn off the computer and restart it to see if I can reboot it and get the internet going again, never had so much problem, hope this is resolved soon. I am sitting here rolling my eyes every time it goes off but such is life got to live with it, so onward :)

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