Friday, February 12, 2010

Well, I finally have a washing machine and don’t have to work as hard as a pioneer woman. They must have had it hard, and no wonder they only washed once a week, and yes it would have taken all day. I have been washing by hand for only about three or so weeks and all I can say is thank goodness for modern technology that has given us electricity, running water, computers, the telephone, toasters, temperature controlled ovens, and of course washing machines :)

We still don’t have the Internet connected but it has been promised that it is on the way….. I really miss the Internet. So a blog about once a week is all I can get on (hopefully that will change soon) but my partner in crime and life told me to keep writing anyway so I will, then I may post them all at once :)

We are still moving up here and another big push this weekend is on the way with us again hiring a truck to bring (hopefully) the rest of the furniture. We are living around boxes and stuff piled up till it gets here and hopefully with a bit of decluttering it will all fit.

We have now ordered our new water tank and have discovered that the current tank isn’t as big as we were led to believe. It is a 5,000 gallon (23,700 L approx) tank, not a 30,000 L tank (6,500 gallon approx.) that we were told, but that is OK, another one the same size is on the way. We are going to connect them and I expect them to be full at the end of the wet (actually well before that). We had to move a big pile of rocks were the new tank will go, and our number one and only son must have been thinking he might have to call the someone about child labor laws, but he survived. We are still yet to level the area but we have a couple of weeks before it arrives to get the area ready.

We have built ourselves an outdoor shower. Yes, we can now stand in the buff next to the dam and clean all that dirt and grass and sweat and grime off under a cold bore water shower. I think it is a very pretty shower, and we have decided that it is one of the many luxuries we have here. After mowing, moving piles of rocks, brush-cutting we are very dirty and hot (in a clean way for those whose minds tend to run away from them) and stripping off and getting clean is great (and we don’t have to drop grass and dirt though our shouse).

A shouse is what we are living in, part shed, part house and the word was created by a very smart eight year old who visited up here just before the move. I quite like the word and am sticking to it.

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