Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We are still actually connected, so I have emailed people to let them know our email address, however the connection does seem to drop out from time to time so we are hoping we are still online in a week. We have given ourselves a week to sort it all out, I think it will be fine, as long as I don't have to swing off the roof again any time soon :)

We had our new container arrive yesterday and what a mess. The truck got bogged in the middle of the paddock, twice, and the second time we couldn't get it out. The poor truck driver, he was a really nice guy and he had to wait all day for someone to come out. That is actually making a very long story short, so in point form here are some details.

* The truck was bogged about three foot
* It was very hot.
* There was lots of digging going on.
* There a very large truck stuck in the paddock which wasn't going anywhere
* The truck was listing to the left
* The truck kept getting lower
* It wasn't funny till way, way later
* We now have a huge muddy mess to fix including drainage pipes that got squished.
* We are probably going to get another bill.

This is a happy photo of the container before things started going wrong.

I had to drive our number one and only son to school today (please let this be the last day and the bus be on the road tomorrow) so while I was there I went and bought a new shovel. Well, let me tell you, buying a shovel is like buying a letterbox, there are lots of different kinds.

There are post hole shovels, square shovels, light shovels, pointed shovels (not sure if that was a name but the look pointed), shifting shovels, digging shovels, digging and shifting shovels (I got one of these, it is also pointed), long handled shovels. Now don't get these confused with spades, the difference between the two is a spade is girly thing and a shovel is a manly man thing. There is nothing wrong with girly things (like spades) but a manly shovel is much tougher (and spoken in a much lower manly voice), so we have a manly, tough, digging and shifting shovel.

Last night we had another blackout, it was the second on in a month, not sure how regular this will be but we are ready. We have torches, rechargeable batteries and solar charger, solar charger for the all important IPOD belonging to our number one and only son(unfortunately for him I don't think I have unpacked it yet) and of course we have our handy dandy generator. This is currently sitting on the front veranda with the rest of our stuff, and so is close to the meter box if we have a blackout and I need to plug it in and start it :)

So I had now better go and start putting everything back into the original container, the one that didn't get moved due to unforseen circumstances :) It will be staying put and we now have to create a plan D for the extension. So best go do some work and work off those biscuits I just ate :)

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