Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Internet connection seems to drop in and out at will, and that seems to be the norm for wireless Internet in a rural area. My partner in crime and life has decided that a bigger antenna will fix it, isn’t that just like a man?

What is also just like a man, is deciding that having the desktop computer living on top of the bedroom. So up it went, they love it, the ladder gets put up every evening so they can climb up and play. It is a good spot as it is out of the way, and we probably are able to say that we are the only people that have a computer on the ceiling of the bedroom.

Our dam has been overflowing with all the rain we have had, but yesterday was a day of no rain so the overflow from next doors dam has eased. However the dam looks lovely, very, very full and shiny, when the sun is out it is shiny, like a mirror.

The dog enjoys the dam and has a swim every day, our number one and only son enjoys swimming in it too, but comes out rather dirty as he stirs up the dirt on the bottom. The dog probably gets dirty too but we can’t see that so it doesn’t count.

Off to my Thursday Tai Chi class today, then to do some work at the other house, to the library and then some shopping. Busy day all day but I don’t mind as I haven’t been out all week this week, and I think that I will enjoy it because of that (though have really, really enjoyed not going out and being able to work at home). I always enjoy my class anyway, as the company is so good.

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