Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The rain has been coming down during the night and this morning we had 35mm in the rain gauge. It was still pouring down this morning so no early morning walk for us today, the dog refuses to get out of bed on these days.

Last night I cooked a meal that is hugely popular in our house. It is a recipe that my mother-in-law gave me years ago, it is simple and doesn't require lots of unusual ingredients and in our days of no money was made a lot.

I don't know where the recipe originally came from but it makes heaps and there is always enough for lunches. I always add in more vegetables and also a can of beans, so here is the basic recipe, I know my mother-in-law won't mind me sharing.


500g mince
2-3 carrots
small cup rice
1 small onion
1/4 shredded cabbage
chicken noodle soup
3 cups water
curry powder to taste

Brown mince and onion in a little oil. Sprinkle soup, rice, carrots into pan, and add water and curry powder. Simmer for 10-15min, then stir in the cabbage and season with salt.

That is it, kids love this as it is simple and doesn't have weird veges in it, but I do add more veges, just whatever extra I have in the house, and the beans never get noticed by anyone so they are a a good addition. I also think it would be good as a Sheppard pie or wrapped in puff pastry, that would make it easy for the lunch box too.

My partner in crime and life came home starving last night, wet and a bit cold and he ate two bowls of this to fill the hole in his belly, he took it for lunch today and so did our number one and only son. Though I am surprised that it wasn't eaten for breakfast, a lot of leftovers are had for breakfast here, as things like toast and cereal are very boring.

So I had best go and see what is the freezer for tonight, so I can try and make something interesting, which means searching my recipe books. I can't create anything myself, don't have that much imagination on my own :)

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