Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Am Still Here

Well, I am having Internet withdrawal symptoms. Our number one son and myself and now permanently residing on our new plot of land and we still have no Internet. I feel so isolated, I can't read the news, I can't read my sites that I go to daily and I can't write my blog. I am on another computer just to try and catch up while we are waiting to have wireless Internet connected in a rural area GGRRRR I guess some things were not meant to be easy, and those are the things we really want so I suppose they are worth the hard yards.

I can't post any photos yet but am taking quite a few, though not sure if I will post one of myself in my new gum boots, old faded shorts, old holey straw hat and our new brush-cutter that I am using to cut a path to the creek and scare away the snakes. I think just my look would be enough without the very loud sound of a power tool.

We are enjoying it up there and don't seem to want to come to town, it is quiet and much cooler. We have met our neighbours and both seem good, one even invited us over for a few drinks on the weekend and we met all the family, they have kids the same age as our number one and only son and there are a few other floating around.

I started back Tai Chi classes today and it was great to catch up with everyone, I am dropping one class and will only do that one once a month and they will practice without me on the other weeks. I felt bad doing this but it is the practical thing to do and I will still continue with the other class. I plan on inviting my Tai Chi friends up when the dry comes and I am a little more organised (mainly with more chairs).

Well must go, I have school kids to pick up and take home, would you believe it, after only three days at school the school bus is taken off the road for two weeks to have work done. We are now sharing the school run with another dad and the bus driver has promised us a discount on our bus fare.

So much for only coming into town once a week, the best laid plans and all that, oh well......

Hopefully we will get the Internet soon so I can get back into my blog, I haven't really gone away, just hovering around and waiting, I hope it is not too difficult :)

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  1. We love reading your blog Katherine ... and hope those in the sky can get you up and running soon ... and definately not hovering in space indefinately ! You give us so much in our Tai Chi class and today was a total pleasure ... thankyou.
    More receipes and good gardening news please from The Range !!!!