Friday, February 19, 2010

Still connected, YAY. We have had some rain, thunder, lightening the whole bit, yesterday there was 21mm in the rain gauge and this morning there was 16mm, keep it coming and that rain tank full.

I am not a shoe person at all, if is comfortable than I wear it, don't wear heels, must have some tread, must be comfortable. However I must mention my last acquisition, the best shoes I have bought in a while (I don't buy shoes), they don't match any skirt but I can wear them with my shorts or with jeans and It doesn't matter if they get wet. They are not stylish but very practical, they are my new gum boots.

Aren't they pretty.

Of course they perfectly match the holey straw hat that seems to be glued to my head these days.

Here is my kitchen, I hope in the very near future will be organised enough and have benches clear enough for me to get back into cooking. I actually bought a packet of biscuits the other day, apart from rice biscuits I can't remember the last time I bought a packet of biscuits. It is so not us to have bought biscuits that I even feel weird eating them, and I really don't want to think about what is in them, so I won't :)

My camping cupboard is still sitting on the veranda with the tool cupboard, when my partner in crime and life gets home we will be able to move them into containers and get them out of the way. Mind you, I don't think we will be doing much camping for a while, though it is nearly like camping here a the moment with all the wandering around in the mud and all :)

I am feeling very time poor at the moment, spending so much time driving up and down the mountain for the school run and various other things. However the bus is back on Monday, though we now have to meet it at 7.30am, fifteen minutes earlier than before (much groaning from me). Anyway, I am looking forward to having the time to do the things I should be doing like cooking and gardening and getting on with our new life here. Should be only a few more weeks and routine will start to kick in, YAY :)

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