Friday, October 30, 2009

Careful What You Plant

We are getting a tree out the front taken down today. I am not really into pruning or chopping down living trees but this is a necessity. The roots of the tree are coming up through the house slab and the front veranda is cracked, this is not good.

Whoever has lived in the house before us just randomly planted trees (not plants) which have grown humongous. We have a couple fall over, luckily just into the yard, we have taken a couple out ourselves, and we have has others removed as they were so big we just couldn't do it without killing ourselves. People just don't think, we also have an incredible amount of palms (different kinds) and they are hard to get out because of the roots, so most those have stayed. Needless to say we spend some time going to the tip to get rid of palm fronds and branches, and we also have an uncontrollable yard, especially the front.

When we first moved in the trees were of course there but weren't so big and the yard looked like a lovely park after it was mowed. The sun also shone through. After a few years though all those nice looking trees grew so big that the sun could even reach the ground and the grass died and we couldn't even use that part of the yard. Not only were they huge trees but some were planted really close together, this is just a suburban block, a large one but still just in the suburbs.

So those trees have been removed and my vege gardens are now down there and we can use the yard. However, I can barely remember how much of a jungle it was but the photo above shows a bit, glad it is not like that now.

So as I type, there is a young fellow up the tree (he has been up our coconut trees a few times too) cutting down the branches, I can barely look as he goes so high. Very scary seeing him at the top of a coconut tree too, but he knows what he is doing.

So, the lesson learned from this is to be careful what you plant, and even if you aren't going to be living there forever, be considerate to others that will be.


  1. You know, I've never thought of it that way. We're buying our first home together soon, so you've given me food for thought, so thank you

  2. You are welcome, I never thought of it either until we had to live it :)