Monday, October 26, 2009

I have recovered from the big day out on Saturday, and I spent yesterday not doing very much at all. Apart from reading, I spent a lot of time on the computer looking at real estate sites trying to find a property that suits our wants, needs and finances. Not an easy task I can tell you, every time I talk to my partner in crime and life about it he wants more or something different or bigger, the money coffers might not be big enough :)

Today has been spent in my usual way, washing sheets and cleaning, usually a fairly large task after the weekend , but this time hasn't been so bad as there has only been me here this time (and I am pretty clean and tidy and don't leave my stuff all over the place, of course).

Our mangoes are starting look really good now and look they they are going to be really nice, well I hope so. We really look forward to having mangoes, though after the umpteenth millionth mango we do get a bit sick of them, we do have two trees in our yard. Still, I am looking forward to them, and I freeze a lot, dry some and of course eat them for breakfast every day.

I am thinking about having to mow, the grass is not long at all but still alive thanks to the washing water. It is just looking scrappy, some longs weeds and leaves around, dead patches and some green ones, it needs a tidy up.

I obviously have not been looking up much recently and today took notice of the tree in the middle of the yard, it is out in flower. I don't know what sort of a tree it is but it has lovely red flowers, every time it flowers I always admire it, adds colour to the lots of green we have in the yard.

Well, I still have a couple of things to do before I can stop, I would like to do some crocheting today but the work comes first. And I still have to think about dinner for tonight, maybe just an omlette or something simple like that, the men will have been eating plastic food today while travelling home so may not be too hungry. And I am betting as they walk in the house stuff will be left in their wake, oh well, that is life I guess, at least they had a good time while away. The party went well and they caught up with all the rellies and most important, the in-laws. 80is a fairly big milestone, and and while they reduced the numbers attending they still ended up with about twenty five or so.

Well, I am off to fininsh my stuff.

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