Friday, October 9, 2009

Visitors and Snakes

Well, busy week this one, getting back into routine, it took me about a week and half to wind down then had three or four relaxing days then had to force myself back into the term.

My partner in crime and life and our number one and only son are off to NSW in two weeks, only for four days including travelling. They are going down for my father-in-law's 80th birthday, they are having a family lunch with most of the grandchildren and great grandchildren, so it is good they can go. Plus, I get to hang out in my favourite place in the hammock and read, eat chocolate and not get up unless I feel like it, YAY :)

My Tai Chi classes resumed this week and as usual they soldiered on without me, I have some great people who step up during holidays and keep the classes going without me. Even though it is getting hot, people are still coming to class and seem to want to keep going as close to Christmas as possible as we then have a long break as most people are away.

We have a friend from Adelaide coming up to stay in a few weeks time, haven't seen him in quite a few years so we are really looking forward to it, even our number one and only son is very excited. We must have told him lots of stories as I think he more excited than when other visitors have come to stay. We are going to keep it simple while he is here, probably lots of sitting around and talking, taking a couple of beers up to the beach when we walk the dog, out to one of our local creeks, that sort of thing. He is only here for a few days but it is going to be great to catch up in person. Oh, and I promise not to forget to pick him up from the airport :)

Picked up our number one and only son the other day from school and he had in his hand a massive snake skin he had found in the garden. He brought it home to go with his other one which came out of our shed, we haven't seen Cuddles for a while, he must have moved on or is hiding behind our stuff. There is also a green tree snake at the bottom of the garden that I see every few days, so every time I go down there now I am stamping my feet all the way down to scare him away. He is very pretty but I really don't want to step on him.

Cuddles, isn't he pretty, and long.

Well, I had best go see if the bandicoots have dug up the garden (again), I have pegged the wire down, but they still manage to get under sometimes, little ratbags they are.

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