Monday, October 5, 2009

Combustable Washing

I have been up since 5.30am, walked the dog with my partner in crime and life, got the lunches ready, got me ready, loaded up the washing machine and took our number one and only son to school for Term 4. Except it is a pupil free day today. I even left him there, got just down the road when the mobile rang. I thought I had better answer it as it was unusual for it to ring so early, so I pulled over, it was the school, it is a pupil free day today, so I had to turn around and go back and pick him up. Poor kid, has a mother who didn't even check if he should be at school, he was quite happy to be coming home again, but not happy when I told him he still had to do some maths and guitar practice (though these things would take an hour at the most out of his busy schedule). So now I am wilting as I didn't sleep so well last night, maybe a cup of tea might do me good.

The days here are crispy which makes it good for drying the washing but also making everything fade (most of our clothes are faded on the inside as I hang them inside out). But it is really crispy at the moment so the sheets and towels are being hung out and the clothes are being hung on the racks and hangers in the outdoor area, I think maybe they might burst into flames it is so crispy. I do love looking out the kitchen window and seeing the line spinning around

I was thinking about getting another u bute drying rack to increase my drying capacity for the wet but we already had a bamboo pole hanging (too high mind you) so my partner in crime and life finally lowered it so all the normal sized people can reach and then also put up another over the racks. The fishing rods had to move along slightly but it all worked out perfectly, and then I bought some plastic coat hangers to hang shirts and tops and there you go, all ready for the wet season and also crispy days when your clothes might combust in the sun.

The lawn is patchy but managing on the washing water which I run out onto it, bet it can't wait for the wet to begin. Though they said in the paper the other day that if we don't get some rain soon we will be on water restrictions, I guess you can't be too careful, just in case we don't get as much rain this year. I am sure I remember them letting out some water from the dam a few years ago in anticipation of the wet and we didn't get much, oops.

Well, I feel I have neglected my hammock for too long today and it is calling out to me to sit and have a cuppa and a read. Though I think I might have to save it from our number one and only son who is probably dribbling his lovely homemade iceblock on to it.

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