Sunday, October 25, 2009

Had a great day yesterday, I drove the whole time which I haven't done in a fair while(my partner in crime and life hates being a passenger so he always drives)and I was tired after I got home but it was a good day.

We went to the markets and had a good wander around, it rained on us there but we stuck it out and it went away. If you look, there are some good bargains at the markets but also a lot of not so good bargains. I got a bag of potatoes and a bag of onions for $1 each, macadamia nuts (so love macadamias) and a purple flag thing for my garden.

We than went the the lake but the kids thought it was too cold for swimming so they just had a run around and we had something to eat (rockmelon, macadamias, almond bread and this puffy bread stuff that icing sugar on it). There wasn't many people there just some kids canoeing and some people scuba diving, which would have been fun.

We then went driving down the back roads to go to my friends parents farm, I was so lost, but we did see some Brolgas (we think they were) and lots of lovely red dirt which I wanted to take home for my garden.

When we got to my friends parents farm, I found they have the loveliest Jacaranda trees. It used to be a working farm but they have now retired and only own the land around the house. They still have the tractors and other farm equipment, big sheds with lots of stuff in them (like you might need for repairs on a farm). Before we left they gave us some potatoes (so now I have two bags) which had only been picked about two days before, so a lot fresher than from the shops.

On the way home, we stopped at a roadside stall at a farm,and I bought bananas and my friend bought a massive watermelon, fresh from the farm, just love that :) We also stopped for an ice cream before heading down the mountain and home.

We spent a lot of the day discussing the property we wanted to buy, what we wanted from that property and how far from town we would like it to be. We looked at lots of land we would like but of course none of it was for sale but it was nice to look anyway, we both would like to move out of suburbia onto some acreage. You never know, one day we may just find what we are looking for :)

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