Thursday, October 15, 2009

It Is Nearly Christmas

The weather is quite hot here about 30-32 degrees, but down south they are getting 10-15 degrees is some places, I saw on the weather yesterday that Thredbo got zero degrees. How crazy is all that, at least it is cooling down at night so sleeping is no problem. Must tell our visitor from Adelaide NOT to bring a jumper.

Not long till Christmas now, but I am not going to say out loud how many weeks as it is not long enough. I dread Christmas until the day and then I enjoy it. I don't enjoy it as I struggle to know what to give everyone for a gift and though we have cut down our gift giving it is still stressful.

I noticed on Tuesday when I was in the supermarket that Christmas things are out already, why? I know we have to think about it and prepare ourselves but we don't need to see it on the shelves until December, but obviously that is only my opinion, the supermarkets don't agree.

So, I have already sent off some of my Christmas gifts, some of which I made. So a big relief that I don't have to think about those ones any more. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of the things I made, don't know why, The Christmas card basket made form old Christmas cards I had never made before and it turned out great. But, no photo, so I will have to make another one just to get a photo. Didn't take a photo of the towel that I crocheted a top on or the dishcloth, where was my head? Probably just thinking thank goodness this part is done.

However, because I liked the colours I did another lot for myself so here is a photo of those.

Christmas is so commercialised that it drives me crazy, I wish we could go back to homemade gifts and limiting the amount spent, but I got laughed at when I mentioned it. I will still make some of my gifts, the things I can, as I know I always love homemade gifts as people put so much effort even into the smallest gift that that is the thing that is the real gift.

Last Christmas I was given this lovely coat hanger that a friend made, and of course I put one of my best shirts on it. It was a lovely gift, and I really love covered coat hangers, it may seem weird but I do. I have always had covered coat hangers, knitted ones that my grandma and mum had made,so when mum was staying I got her to show me how to knit them.

For some reason I didn't realise how easy they were (I obviously have no imagination) so I am going to knit and crochet some too. I went to a friend's house the other week and she was fixing up her kids rooms and I realised they only had wire and plastic coat hangers, so I am going to make her some. Girls have just got to have nice coat hangers for their dresses and boys for their shirts or all is not right with the world, it is like crooked things, just have to straighten them. So hopefully that will get my must-make-coat-hanger-covers-for-the-world bug out of my system.

Our number one and only son loves Christmas and doesn't understand my stress, but he only has to think about Christmas day and how great is that. He actually loves the whole ritual of Christmas, putting the tree up and decorating it, wrapping presents, giving gifts, he really enters into the spirit of it all so I try to as well. I can certainly see where he is coming from, it is a lovely time of the year if you don't get caught up in the whole money spending thing. He also told me yesterday, that he is going to play the only two Christmas songs he can play on his guitar over and over. Of course I promised him that we will find the music to other Christmas songs so he can expand his repertoire (I really don't think that I could stand Jingle Bells and Silent Night being played over and over, though he does play them beautifully)

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