Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Well, we have finally had some rain, it has washed away the dust and gave us a beautiful sunrise this morning.

The rain also came after I had watered and had the sheets hanging on the line, so of course they took about 24 more hours to dry, isn't it always the way. However, I wish we would get a bit more, it has cooled down and everything feels clean, but I am not sure what the chances are.

We also saw this lovely rainbow, I still try and find where the end is, because you just never know :)

I crocheted our number one and only son an Ipod bag so he can protect his hard spent money. It turned out quite well now I just hope he remembers to use it, and I wish I could find it in his chaotic pre-teen room so I can preserve its picture forever on my blog, but not today.

My mum sent me photos of my Christmas card basket so now I can put them in, I filled them with tea.

Seeing that I keep all my cards, this is a very useful way to stop me from hoarding, at least some things anyway. And I bought more wool (actually recycled cotton 75%cotton and 25% acrylic) on special so I had better get on with using it up and giving it away.

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